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Why Your Business Needs Video

In five years time – will you be reading this article or watching it?

75% of executives already watch ‘work-related videos’ at least once a week and video content has been deemed the best return on investment by marketing professionals worldwide.

But why? What does this mean for you and for your business?

To put it simply – we prefer watching things to reading

YouTube is the no.2 search engine worldwide which tells us how much we actively search for video content online. A study produced by the Wharton Research Centre concluded that consumers retain 50% of information they see compared to 10% of that they hear. We humans have a habit of misinterpreting information we read (remember that email you received that sounded like a dig or that text that sounded like a break-up). Video takes the guess work out.

Video Rascal analysed that consumers are 85% more likely to buy a product, once they’ve seen an ‘explainer’ video. On average how long do you spend browsing product alternatives? Based on my personal experience if you’re not engaging the prospective customer in 6 seconds, chances are you’ve lost them. A well thought out video could not only keep them on your site for longer, but give them all of the critical information regarding your business and services in an eye catching and engaging manner.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We all know SEO is about how you rank on Google (other search engines are available) and we’ve known for some time that active websites out-perform stagnant websites by some margin.

Pull up your company website and imagine you are looking at it for the first time. Before you started working there I would predict that you didn’t have a full understanding of what the company did or what made you better than your competitors. If you couldn’t appreciate this what chance does your potential customer have?

Important though not to confuse ‘eye-catching’ for engaging. Common mistakes I see on a daily basis are websites crammed with colourful fonts, pictures and animations. This confuses your customer and slows down your website load time. These issues can be resolved by having a simple, effective and high quality video. A well produced video with a solid script can capture the attention of your target audience immediately, whilst allowing your website to retain a sleek and clean finish which is easy to navigate.

Brand Image & Personality

We like to put a face to the name. How many of you buy products and services from people you know and trust, rather than their cheaper unknown alternative? Humans are creatures of habit and we like to form long-lasting relationships with people and companies we trust. Video gives you an opportunity to create and maintain a deep ‘virtual connection’ by providing website visitors with an instant impression of your business and services.

When you had your last interview or you met your last major client, what did you prepare? What to say – of course – but you also planned how to say it. Body language communicates more information than you can imagine. By having a video demonstrating open body language, it helps customers open up to your brand and immediately engages them in a more positive manner.

So we’ve established you need video

And you need it fairly soon if you want to keep up. Like everything, a bad low quality video can do more harm than good to your company and brand and of course pricing is a reflection of quality. You’ve worked hard to create your brand – so ask yourself, what do you want people to think after watching your video? By building a deliberate campaign around your video content you increase the chances of it being seen by a mass audience via the magical powers of Social Media! Think strategically and watch the rewards flood in.