Video Marketing on Linked In

I use LinkedIn every single day. As do the majority of people in business. It’s seen as the acceptable social media platform for professionals. Users (350million) are open to new opportunities, they’re open to connecting with people and businesses they don’t really know and they’re (usually) pretty business savvy.

I think LinkedIn is hugely underused as a marketing platform. When considering distribution strategies (especially with video content), the go-to is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. What about the channel where you will ultimately find most of the Decision Makers and CEOs you’re trying to reach and get your message out to?

LinkedIn is good for business, and so is video content. So combine them!

What Can I Do?

  1. Summary and About Us

If you’ve had a Company Video produced, link it in your Summary! It’s the first thing that potential connections will see on your profile, and by offering a snapshot of what you do it will immediately humanise your company. People buy from people :)

  1. Recommendations

What’s more impressive to a potential customer than watching a genuine, lovely testimonial about either yourself, or your company? I appreciate not everyone likes to be on camera, but there are so many creative ways around this. LinkedIn is predominantly a B2B platform, but don’t underestimate it’s B2C potential too.

  1. Updates

Great for Vlog posts, or product demonstration/explainer videos. A great opportunity to increase your followers and offer insights into the products or services that you offer. For every interaction you have with that update (likes, comments, shares) your exposure will increase.

  1. Groups

Keep up to date with your industry network but starting off discussions, or comments by using video. Get interactive and show off your industry expertise. LinkedIn uses the metadata from YouTube / Vimeo and thus it will also improve your SEO.

Tips – Add the Most Value!

  1. Thumbnails

Thumbnail is key. Make it look interesting, make it on topic. You can do better than just your company logo over a white background.

  1. Length

We are all busy people and we really value our time. The psychological impact that video length has on a viewer can’t be underestimated. As a general rule with social video, try and keep it between 30 – 59 seconds. If your video is slightly longer, try breaking it up in to small chucks and devise a strategy around a video series.

  1. Quality

First impressions last. At least for your first couple of videos, hire a professional company. Don’t sell yourself or your brand short. If you are producing it yourself, invest in a tripod and a microphone. A video with crap audio and you’ve lost me instantly.

  1. Call-to-action 

What do you want people to think or do, having watched your video? If you want them to buy a product, let them know how they can. If you want people to fill in an application, let them know how they can. Make it as easy as possible and always send people to your website!


LinkedIn Video Marketing is an area we’re keeping our eyes on and I’d love to hear your experiences of sharing video content on LinkedIn. What has worked for you in the past? What hasn’t been so effective?

Send me an email to steph@filmam.tv or leave a comment below!

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