Video Marketing Ideas for SMEs

The benefits of online Video Marketing and Video Communications are plenty.

Prospects who watch your content online are more likely to spend longer on your website and this gives your website better SEO (meaning you rank higher on search engines).

Marketing professionals believe Video is the type of content that gives the best return on investment. Even something as simple as having a Product Demonstration video on your website and social media will give you a better conversion rate.

Then there is the message delivery. Only 7% of communication is the actual words we use (the literal meaning). That remaining 93% is made up of everything else – gestures, body language, tone of voice, etc. Are you missing a trick in communicating effectively with your customers?

For SMEs it’s sometimes difficult to propose doing something new, especially if you are on a tight budget. But professional video doesn’t have to cost the Earth. And there is a load of ways you can reduce various elements of a creative concept to fit a tighter budget but not compromise on product quality. Start thinking of the value that video will add.

Instead of spending all of your resources on one brand video that sits on your website, have a think about the following ideas to get better ROI and not blow all of your budget in one sweep.

Testimonial Videos

Arrange a production company to come to your office for a day. Invite six or seven of your clients, suppliers or contacts in to the office and ask your video company to produce a series of professional, high quality testimonial videos to roll out as a series on your social media. Recently, we posted a blog on the value of this type of content. Have a read here.

Product Demos / Explainer Videos

Similarly, in an 8-hour day your video production company should be able to produce you at least five or six really great explainer Videos. Explainer videos are hugely persuasive in a purchase decision. You could think about producing a series of “Featured Product of the Month” or tie in the launch of each Video with seasonal trends.


If you are putting an event on, have it filmed by a professional company. We’ve put together a Showreel of the footage from some of the stunning events we’ve covered, you can watch it here.

Email Campaign Videos

Emails that include a video rather than just images and text can generate a 100-200% increase of Click Through Rate. That is a lot more people clicking through to your website to (hopefully) find out more about you. Have a think about the type of content that your audience find most valuable (product reviews, industry news, awards that you’ve been nominated for) and set about producing a series of really engaging and different email campaigns.


Ask your Video company to produce you a couple of trailers for the content. Post the trailers on your social media and leave your customers wanting to watch more. Direct them to your website.

The Bottom Line

Choose your production company wisely. They will advise on the most strategic and efficient way of producing more content for the budget you have. A lot of it comes down to the logistics on the day. If you are organised and pre-production has been thorough it will be a fun learning experience.


If you are starting to get your Video Marketing plan together, you might find this post of interest. It’s all about the various ways you can use Video for business… (20 in total!) Click here to have a read and let us know your thoughts!