Using Video in Email Marketing

Sales and Marketing emails. We all love to send them but if you’re anything like me, hate receiving them. As soon as my brain registers that an email has anything to do with sales, it gets deleted before it’s read. Savage.

Yet, emails remain at the forefront of most campaigns. We work hard to build up our email database of current and prospective customers. But how best to engage with them in a reliable, inexpensive and straight forward way?

Incorporate video into your email campaigns

Not only are your prospective customers receiving your emails, you need to assume that they are also receiving your competitor’s emails, as well as a tonne of emails that have nothing to do with your market. Thus, the art of email marketing is pretty difficult. Getting someone to open your email, read it, engage with it, react positively to it, and then (the ultimate) open your next email is tough. It’s hard to break through the noise and make your email stand out.

So many research campaigns point to the success of video email marketing. Something as simple as including the word ‘Video’ in your subject line boosts open rates. And it’s because we just love video. And (at least at the minute) it’s different.

We reckon there are a couple of common themes of successful video marketing campaigns. Below are our top 5.

  • Keep it short and sweet. Prospective customers are less likely to play a video that is over 2 minutes long, it’s human psychology. We’d always recommend between 30 – 90 seconds of content to keep your audience’s attention.
  • Links aren’t great. Don’t be surprised if your ‘Follow this link to watch our Awesome video!’ doesn’t get great engagement. Your video content has to be so obviously easy to open, people don’t think twice. Sometimes video files are too big and can’t be included in the body of the email, so think about including a GIF or engaging image that (when clicked on) links to the video.
  • Direct people to your landing page. If you take one thing away from this post, it’s that you do NOT want to be sending your customers to YouTube, Vimeo, Vine. Send them to your website. They might want to find out more about you, they may want to see similar content. They may even want to buy from you. So make sure it’s easy for them to do so.
  • “You may also like this..”, “Have you seen our…”, “What do you think about..” – Include a clear call-to-action so you can keep people on your website for as long as possible. They are more likely to remember you.
  • Measure Results. Make sure you know it’s working. Before you start your email campaign, think about various KPIs you can use to measure engagement and interaction with your video. There’s some really great software that can help you identify video views, length of plays, drop off spots. So use it!

Less than 10% of communication are the words themselves. Everything else is made up of how we say it – tone, pitch, body language, gestures – so ask yourself, is your company missing out on key message delivery by not using video?

The C Word

So perhaps you’re planning a Christmas email campaign. Why not use video, be a bit different and stand out from your competitors? Say thank you to your current customers, and hello to new ones. Video isn’t going away and our expectations of communication are changing. So get in touch, and get involved in video!


If you’d like to have a chat about how video email marketing could work for you and your company, drop Steph a call on 0115 950 9172 – we’d love to have a chat!