Video Email Marketing – Research & Results

As some of you may know we run a Giveaway competition twice a year. The winner of this competition gets a 90-second video for absolutely free. We plan it all, we sort the logistics, we film it and it all comes together at our in-house edit suites in our Nottingham office.

Of course I wanted to give as many local businesses the chance to enter this, and so I set about sending a couple of email marketing campaigns with information about the giveaway, how to enter and what the winner would end up with.

Email Marketing Campaigns are at the forefront of many marketing strategies. We invest a lot of time, effort and money in building up our email databases, carefully planning the design and content. Yet so many miss the mark. They fail in audience engagement.

I’ve had a look at some of the reports from my recent email campaigns. To be as fair as possible, I’ve picked two campaigns that were sent on the same topic – our Free Video Giveaway.

The one major difference between the two was that the first I sent was solely text and image based. The second was a video campaign.

I wanted to share with you my results.

First off – a couple of definitions. Open rates are used to measure how many people on your email list open your campaign. Click rates is a percentage that tells you how many successfully delivered emails registered at least one click.

  • Campiagn 1 (Image and Text based) generated an open rate of 52%
  • Campaign 2 (Video) generated an open rate of 64%

So a slight increase.

The biggest change is when we look at the difference in click rates.

  • Campaign 1 (Image and Text based) generated a click rate of 16%
  • Campaign 2 (Video) generated a click rate of 61%

That’s a huge increase in people visiting our website (always send people to your website). And I’m positive that it’s not a co-incidence. The video campaign was a lot less visually appealing and still generated a huge increase.

We spent half an hour filming the video, and that was only because I’m a bit rubbish in front of the camera (even us in the industry don’t like being filmed!) and quickly jigged things around in the edit suites, put a bit of music on and bosh – it was ready to send.

Enhanced message delivery, increased website traffic and less people un-subscribing.

The next time you’re planning an email campaign, have a think about the value that video could add to it. We love chatting about ideas, so give us a call on 0115 958 9172 to discuss how you could get the maximum return from your campaigns, or drop us an email to steph@filmam.tv for a guide price quote.