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The Value of Video Testimonials

With any client we start with the type of video that will add the most value to their business. We’ve said it time and time again – there is no point having a beautiful, engaging video produced that no-one watches.

When done well, Video Testimonials are guaranteed to add value. It’s the case in any industry and with any product or service offering. Psychologically, a genuine and real testimonial builds up a consumer’s belief in you and your brand. It gives you credibility.

The best Video Testimonials are not sales-y. At all.

People tend to react positively to a neutral’s perspective who has had a similar purchasing experience to what they are facing. Word of mouth is a powerful persuasion tool.

And on top of all this – Video Testimonials have a great ROI for the time and money needed to create them.

What makes a good Video Testimonial?

We’ve seen some horrors. The majority being “Talking Heads” with interviewees looking extremely shifty and uncomfortable. Everyone can freak out when being filmed, but if you pick the right people, do a couple of takes, and film additional B-Roll to cover up the mumbles and stutters it’s an easy and enjoyable process.

Be Authentic – concentrate on capturing genuine, unique responses.

Tip – Instead of asking your participants to read a script, give them a list of the type of things you’ll be asking. Get them to talk to you, not directly to the camera. You’ll find the best responses are entirely unscripted, so allow the conversation to go off on a bit of a tangent.

Be Interesting – focus on capturing the unique benefits you served.

Tip – Don’t focus on how you compared to a competitor. Let the customer do the talking about you and leave the viewer with only your name in mind.

Be Credible – Video helps a lot with this. Your audience hears and can visualise the speaker.

Tip – Shoot the testimonial at your client’s offices. It feels more spontaneous, as if you’ve walked in and literally grabbed them for a quick chat.

 Be Professional – Don’t bodge up the audio. Make sure the video has a clean, crisp finish.

Tip – Use a professional production company! Especially if it’s the first couple you are doing. They will have specialist audio equipment to capture the very best quality sound. Make sure it’s completely in sync with the visuals.


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