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Using Video to Recruit

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the World” – Steve Jobs

Video is becoming a core aspect of many talent acquisition strategies. Millennials now expect to see video. They want to see companies using innovative and fresh ways of communicating and marketing themselves.

Use video to better your recruitment strategy.

Show, don’t Tell

See video as a crucial branding tool and enhance the same-old Job Description. Show off your company as an amazing place to work. Show how much fun you have, show the diversity, show the unique benefits you offer, show how your employees can make a difference to the World.

Employee Advocacy

Your existing employees are a fantastic advertisement! So use them! Select a couple of out-going, confident employees and get them to talk about their jobs – exciting projects that they have been involved with (especially strong if the project in question is a well-known one), their progression with the company, their experiences with you compared to previous employers. Give potential candidates an opportunity to learn about the people they could be working with.

Help Candidates See What Really Matters To You

It might be as simple as having a charity coffee morning every month, it might be rewarding high achieving employees or it might be the happiness levels of staff. Demonstrate what actually matters and attract candidates with similar values. If successful, they’ll be more likely to stick around for the long-term.

Information Retention

What about using your video to play at Graduate Job Fairs? Trust me when I say that if you play an engaging and interesting video on your stand, not only will you attract more people to learn about your company, they will remember more about you. We retain much more information that we see and hear, than what we read.


Do not underestimate the importance of a Call-To-Action. If you get your video right, you might find you get your industry talking about it, blogging about it, sharing it on social media – potential employees need a CTA to guide them to the next steps of applying. Always send them to your website.

So, if your starting out with video…

  • Keep it short & sweet. Most people will engage with videos that are between 60-90 seconds.
  • Create a video that can be used across multiple departments. You can see what works best before you invest in videos for all sectors.
  • Embed it on your landing page, the careers page, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn page, your Twitter. Boost your SEO. Ask your Video Production company to quickly edit together a nice 15-second trailer for social media – most will do this for no additional charge I’m sure :)
  • Measure it! A common mistake is that companies don’t measure the video against a set of specific KPIs. Make sure you get pre-video data to compare it with and start effectively quantifying your ROI.

Recruitment is crucial for growth and company development but it’s hard to get right. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, start planning your video recruitment strategy now.

How Do I Start?

Give us an hour of your time! We’ll pop down to your offices, talk about you and what really matters. We’ll talk about your values, your goals and what you want the viewers to think, or do having watch the video. Then we’ll come back to HQ, put our creative heads together and write up a Response to Brief, which will include research, initial ideas and an accurate price quote for you to consider.

Potential candidates are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them – blow them away and have top talent queuing at your door!