This testimonial is from Simon Clark, of Veracity Financial Planning. Simon put us in touch with Escape Asylum (see their Video here) prior to their Exit Game launch.

“Around 6 months ago I was approached by one of my clients asking about finance to open an exciting new business – a role playing game where players have to escape from a hostage situation, with a 60 minute deadline.

Because they were in the very early stages, I suggested they speak with Steph to bring everything to life and allow potential investors and customers to get a feel for what they’d be getting into.

With a limited budget, Film AM turned around a fantastic, atmospheric video which really grips the viewer and demonstrates the real life escape game experience.

The client has now used the video, edited to different lengths, on their website as well as Facebook and YouTube and has been getting around 1,000 views per month to generate interest before the grand opening this weekend.

It really shows the power of video and what it can do in the right hands and I am happy to recommend Steph and Film AM to anyone needing to raise their profile.”