Producing Your Corporate Video Project

You’ve researched your target audience and you understand what journey you will be taking them on. The script feels like it’s been edited a million times but you’re confident it’s spot on, all the equipment is ready, you’ve recced the various shooting locations and the logistics are finalised.

Pre-production may have sometimes been challenging, but now you’re at the stage where your content will be produced and the camera begins rolling.

With a script, storyboard and shot list in place, your production company will ensure that everything required is captured so you don’t have to revisit location to get the shots you missed the first time round, costing you time and money.

Camerawork, composition, lighting & framing

  • Make sure there is a consistent look and feel to all shots captured. It can be distracting to the viewer if all the shots have a different feel to them. Insufficient lighting, or lighting with the wrong colour temperature may mean the quality of your final project is compromised.

Interviews, ‘talking heads’, green-screen shots

  • Shaky footage can be used for dramatic effect, but if not deliberately thought out it results in a low-budget feel. When we film interviews we like to shoot with 2 cameras, both mounted on a tripod so you can go from a wide shot to a close up. If your employees are starring in the video, try to remember that they will be nervous and allow time in production for re-takes. In the past we’ve found by letting the camera roll during practise takes results in a more natural body language and tone of voice.

Voiceover, sound & music

  • Sound is just as important as visuals. When it comes to a voiceover, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. It’s always best to get a professional voiceover artist to record your material. It will be recorded in a professional recording studio and it will ensure that your brand message is effectively conveyed.
  • Don’t be tempted to try and use music that you don’t have permission for. It will be removed from YouTube (they detect these types of thing) and if you attempt to re-upload you could face a YouTube ban. Ask your production company to assist you as they will have access to music libraries and will be able to advise on finding the most cost effective music solution for your corporate video.

Things might go wrong – just be cool

Your production team will know the importance of producing good quality material so be patient if it takes a little longer than you first expected. A good video production company always factor in contingency time for things like re-takes, or needing to re-record audio because a loud plane decided to fly over you the first time. If the Great British weather plays up (let’s face it – it’s more than likely), don’t fret, they will let you postpone the shoot. Don’t compromise. This is your brand and you need to get it right.