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Film AM were recently commissioned to produce a video for Leicester’s first Exit Game – Escape Asylum. The brief was to create an engaging and well-produced Kickstarter campaign.

Dan and Selina have visited many Exit Games across the UK, but felt with the majority that there was no element of fear, urgency or realness about the game. They want to set up an Exit Game that really tested a player’s nerves, intelligence and reactions within a 60-minute time limit.

Escape Asylum wanted to maintain a high production quality to give a lasting impression of brand quality. They wanted the video to tell a story and to highlight a real sense of fear.

Escape Asylum are due to launch in March 2016 and their Kickstarter Campaign can be viewed here –

“Room 1 – 

You and your team have been captured and are being held hostage in an unknown location. Cuffed, blindfolded and disorientated, your only chance of survival is to escape before your captures return. Are you intelligent enough to save your own life?”

“Room 2 – 

Certified insane, you have been wrongly locked away in an Asylum. Surrounded by evil, your only chance of survival is to escape. Look for keys, find clues and solve riddles before your time runs out. With your help coming soon!”


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