Live Streaming Video for Business

Live streaming video content to a connected audience is gaining more and more momentum as brands, both big and small, kick start their efforts.

Live streaming gives you the opportunity to interact and engage with your audience in real time. Periscope (read more here) is one of the tools available – it’s easy to get to grips with and gives you the possibility of a worldwide audience.

Live streaming video content plays in to marketer’s hands, it satisfies many psychological factors that humans have come to crave in this digital world.


We love to discover new things, and even better if we think we’re amongst the very first to discover. We like to be informers and look for that opportunity to tell or show our peers the cool content we’ve found.


Every time you stream a live video via Periscope, it is time bound content. It is unique content that only connected audiences get to see.


Certainly with Periscope, users have a chosen username and are not able to interact with your content anonymously. When your audience ask a question or post a comment on your stream and you either reply or give them a shout-out you are only encouraging positive interaction and engagement.


Unless you’re Red Bull, it’s unlikely that you will get thousands of viewers on your first wave of live video streaming. This is no bad thing. Humans love to feel as though they are part of a group. Viewers will get to see how many others are also watching your content and will feel as though you have united them with a group of people who share similar interests.

What can I do?

Live Events

Stream industry events, networking events or the event that you have put on. Let your audience feel part of it, walk them around the event and asks guests for their input. You might like to ask your audience who they’d like to meet and conduct a quick Q&A.


Too often businesses focus on promotion, and not the people. Increase engagement by conducting impromptu interviews with your employees, clients, suppliers. Ask your audience what they want to hear and allow the interview to go off on tangents, you’ll capture authentic responses.

Product Creation

It’s rare that your audience gets to see your product from concept to completion. You can add value by showing off some elements of your production process. EG, do you use local suppliers? Or organic ingredients? Show it off!

Content (Vlog vs Blog)

Provide your expertise via a visual medium through video, as well as posting it on your website as a blog. You can encourage interaction by hosting live Q&A sessions on a weekly basis.


Be wary of any copyright issues (eg at events) and make sure if you are filming people that they are okay with it. No-one likes a camera shoved in their face without prior warning. 


It’s worth mentioning here that Live Video Content won’t necessarily give you a professional and polished feel, but it’ll go a long way in humanising your brand. Grab your iPhone and give it a go, you’ll soon figure out what it is your audience wants to see.

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