Key characteristics of viral video campaigns

So you’re wondering why your latest Corporate Video hasn’t gone viral – and you’re confused as to why a cat playing the piano has.

Cats have nothing to do with your brand. People don’t share brands. They share emotions.

Inciting Emotions & Going Viral

First off – what is viral? Viral content is marketing efforts that are shared by a lot of people. And not the kind of ‘Like this Post to win a free iPad’ sharing behaviour, but authentic, spontaneous sharing behaviour.

You have to be aware that most people like, share, comment things on social media because they are portraying an online persona. The key is getting a balance between portraying a strong brand image, without being overly promotional.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for going viral. But it’s not just luck either. There are similarities with viral content that are based on simple psychological themes.

It’s all about being emotional.

Emotional content wins every time. And not just getting a little giggle – you have to get your audience laughing out loud. Or crying, or feeling like they must take action in some way.

Emotions that often provoke strong reactions are listed below – bear these in mind when you are thinking about viral content.

  1. Awe – jaw-dropping, omg-she-never-did-that, amazing, remarkable, mate-have-you-seen-this
  2. Anger – challenge views. It’s not a great idea to piss your audience off for fun, but it’s a great way to prove a point.
  3. Anxiety – People hate losing things they have
  4. Fear – Make people worry they’re making mistakes that they’re unaware of. They fear loss
  5. Joy – What makes people happy?
  6. Lust – People lust after money, results, females, males, figures, lifestyle. Tantalise your readers with potential results.
  7. Surprise – challenge assumptions and prove people wrong. Make them realise that expectations can be challenged.

The audience decides what is viral. Viral is a campaign in itself. It’s the result of a really good campaign, or a really bad one.

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