Is There Business Hope in Periscope?

With video being one of the most useful marketing strategies of today, Periscope has huge promise for business usage. Twitter, catching on with it’s potential, bought the brand early this year.

In the words of the creators themselves, Periscope allows you to ‘explore the world through someone else’s eyes via free live video broadcasts from your mobile. In a press of a button, followers are instantly notified about your live stream with the opportunity for strangers to tune in as well. As account numbers exceed 10 million the opportunities for creating exciting new building relationships with our customer begin to surface.


The Periscope market is currently unsaturated and many large businesses are yet to clock on. This and collaboration with Twitter mean that small businesses with an already good following have a kick-start in their Periscope audience as corresponding accounts are carried across.

Periscope humours what our nation craves and allows us to be nosy. Streaming the face behind the company or offering an insight into office life can effectively humanise your brand and ignite a new dimension of customer to brand association. We are more inclined to buy from people we like, end of story.

Periscope can also allow customers to see how your products work through demonstration. The organic qualities of Periscope will make product video seem more real and show true impressions. For customers who are sitting on the fence, it creates a sense of ‘try before you buy’ ahead of purchase.

The comment element of the app provides tons of opportunities for two-way conversations taking crowd sourcing and Q & As to a new level. A face of the company can easily ask questions to a mass audience, receive answers on the spot and vice-versa with opportunity for useful ‘snowballing’ of questions. It’s questionable however if this particular marketing tactic will hold its quality, as the more viewers per stream, the harder it may be to control the flow of answers. Solutions to this may emerge with scope for companies to contact those with similar queries and to invite to a group live stream by using passwords to monitor entrances.

The beauty of a new app means that businesses have great opportunity to make their customers feel as though they’ve been hand picked to receive exclusive offers and announcements. These could be posted on occasion to boost sales, engagement and interaction.

Hope or Nope?

Like many apps in their growth stages, questions are raised as to how well these potential marketing perks will last. Twitter is reportedly already taking action against spam and trolling from users. Businesses should also consider that the quality of the video stream could be easily associated with their brand. The app relies on both the sender and receiver good signals, so bear that in mind. With the growth of 4G and open Wi-Fi networks, this potential problem may well solve itself over time.

Red Bull, Spotify and Mountain Dew have already taken to the app suggesting anticipated hope for Periscope. Only time will tell but we suggest just getting involved and giving it a go.