How To Write a Brief – Film AM’s 6 Top Tips

At Film AM we would argue that having a well-thought out brief is an essential part of the production process.

So often we sit down with a potential client and there’s an immediate rush to talk ‘creativity’. Having a creative meeting is great – but first of all we need an understanding of your business. How can we differentiate your business from the rest, when we don’t know how or why you’re different?

Every production company will have their own version, but the Commissioning Brief we have come up with covers 6 main areas –

  1. Your Audience

Who are your audience? Are they customers, stakeholders, employees? What is their main demographic? Can they be characterised in any way? What do they already know about the subject of the video? What sort of things will appeal to them?

Tailor your message to what your audience are interested in.

  1. The Purpose of the Video

People will only take away one or two messages from the video content – trying to promote everything in one video will not work.

We try and get you thinking about what you want your audience to think or do having watched the video. Do you want them to place an order? Do you want them to fill out a job application? Do you want them to share it with their social network?

If you do want to convey multiple messages have you considered arranging your content into chapters, or a series of videos?

  1. Distribution

This is where we get you thinking about how your audience will get to see the video.

Do you want the project to be delivered in a digital format, or do you want to send it to your clients as a DVD? Will any other materials be used in conjunction with your video project?

Do you want the video to feature on your website, your social media channels, or do you want the project to be used for solely internal purposes (company statements, training, employee morale)?

We can advise you on rolling out a strategy for the launch of your video. It’s always a good idea (especially for marketing and brand purposes) to create a bit of a hype around the project.

  1. Cost

Be honest with your budget. If you have £1000 to spend, make sure that everything is covered to save any surprises when you get your final invoice.

  1. Timeline

Do you have any important dates that the production must be scheduled round? We’ve had a couple of clients who want to showcase their video at an event for example. Or, would you want the video to co-inside with the opening on a new office, or a new product launch?

It can be helpful to think about when the project has to be completed by and work backwards from there.

  1. Personnel

Finally, having a think about who is going to manage the project really helps the process run smoothly.

Who will be the main point of contact within your business? Ideally it should be the same person who is responsible for signing off the video.

Taking the time to think about the above makes a huge difference. Video without a plan is a waste of time and money. At Film AM, understanding is key. We want to know your business as well as you do so we can provide you with a truly unique project and bespoke service.

So, to sum up..

Writing a brief isn’t as scary as you might think. It doesn’t have to be a creative masterpiece and it doesn’t have to be a 20-page document you spend hours on. It really isn’t that intimidating. In fact, we think it’s pretty enjoyable!

Getting it right at this stage will pay dividends later.

If you are thinking about video and you’d like to have a look at our Commissioning Brief to start jotting down some ideas, give Steph a call on 0115 958 9172 and we’ll happily forward one across!