Filming Your Corporate Event

Whether it be networking, a product launch, or trades exhibition, putting on an event is a pretty big investment. We like to think we’re damn good at capturing outstanding footage in real time (we’re the best in the country at producing feature length, cinematic luxury wedding films – and so we wanted to share with you why we think it’s essential you have your event covered by a professional, specialist video production company.

  1. Gain attraction

Videos showing delegates having a great time, interesting key note speakers and a great venue can persuade people who missed out to attend the following year. No-one likes to feel left out.

  1. Capture the Buzz

Events can become legendary within industries. Show it off using video!

  1. Be different!

When I’ve been to an event and the standard follow up ‘Thank You for Attending’ email lands in my inbox, I have a click through the pictures (admittedly just to see if my mug made an appearance). Email a video round and stand out from the rest.

  1. Re-use as Corporate Asset

The video can sit on your website (increasing SEO), it can be used as a mailshot, you can use on your social media, you can send a DVD to your clients, you can demonstrate your industry expertise by showcasing fantastic key-note speakers. The possibilities are endless.

  1. After event endorsements

We all know how strong testimonials are as a sales tactic. Video testimonials are a great way to big up the event and your company!

  1. Trailers

Cinematic trailers create hype around the video and event. Specialist video production companies can offer same-day edits of a trailer and these can be shown on the evening or following day to engage and excite delegates. They can also be re-edited to gain exposure for the following years event.

  1. Capture key note speakers

Speakers are often a huge highlight of events. Video can capture either the key messages, or the full presentation and this can be sent to delegates who wish to see the presentation again or to educate prospects who missed the event.

  1. Social media & ‘shareability’

It’s much easier to go viral with video. Contacts are more likely to share video content – especially if they feature! A wider audience can only be a good thing.

Having your event covered by a professional video production company is vital. An unobtrusive and discrete crew is essential (no one wants a camera op constantly getting in the way), and getting the best quality footage is harder than it looks. Events are often held in a busy and noisy environment, and getting the right audio and lighting comes with experience. You need to be looking for specialist equipment and expertise. And it really doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Remember, having a video showing off your event isn’t just about re-capping what went down. Use it as a marketing tool to attract prospects to your next event. By 2017 it’s estimated that almost 70% of online traffic will be video content, so start planning the coverage of your event now. Understanding the importance of having a polished and professional video produced will set you ahead of the competition.


If you’re thinking about getting your corporate event covered and you’d like us to send over our stunning event showreel and some prices, give Steph a call on 0115 958 9172. They say the proof is in the pudding – and we can’t wait to show you!