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Content Marketing – It’s Time to Think about Video

2015 was a great year for us in the Video World. We saw a huge increase of brands using video as a platform to market to their customers and 2016 is looking even bigger. The Online Publishers Association found that 80% of online users remember watching a Video Ad on a website and of that, 46% took some action. Visual Marketing is key. 

Shifting towards (good) Content

2015 saw a real focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain your target market. Video is by far the simplest, most direct and engaging way to display information to your customer base. We predict that as marketers look away from traditional content platforms, we will see a huge rise in more digital methods, like video blogs on YouTube. Branded video content is going to be the main source of customer engagement for a huge number of companies.

For me, content marketing is all about showing off your expertise. Expertise mean a great deal to a prospective customer – they will not buy from you unless they trust you know what you’re talking about. But we’re also talking increased SEO, more leads generated, an increased brand awareness and it’s cheaper than traditional forms of marketing.

The bad news? There is an incredible amount of content available to consumers. The internet itself is becoming more and more competitive and it’s hard to break through the noise and get your brand noticed. But don’t fear! Video is here to help you and your wonderful content get noticed! It has never been easier to upload video content online and below are a couple of ideas to help you get thinking about your 2016 Content and Video strategy –

  1. Product Videos (Demonstrations are a good start, especially if your product or service is a bit complex)
  2. Testimonial Videos (I’d say you’d be pushed to find a stronger sales tool than a genuine lovely video testimonial that your customers can relate to)
  3. Company Culture Videos (Especially strong for attracting staff to your business)
  4. Vlogs (Geek-out with it! Industry tips and trends will add value)
  5. Offers and Prize Draws (Have a bit of fun and humanise your brand.)

Production quality will reflect the quality of your brand. 

We’d always suggest getting a professional team in to do your initial videos (the ones your customers will see first). But we get that you probably don’t want to pay a Video Marketing company to come in and produce you a series of Vlogs for your website. Periscope (click here to read more) is a live video streaming tool – you can just use your smartphone!  Your customers will forgive a bit of shakey footage and dodgy audio if you are constantly giving them engaging and interesting content to watch and share.

Video is really taking off as a social marketing tool and the impact it’s going to have on Content Marketing strategies shouldn’t be overlooked. Give Steph a call on 0115 958 9172 or pop in for a chat to see how we could make your 2016 Content Marketing strategy that little bit better by using Video.