Common Video Marketing Mistakes

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what not to do. So, this week I’ve had a look at 10 Video Marketing mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Your video is too ‘Salesy’

Is it something that you would want to watch? No-one likes to feel as though they are being directly sold to. Instead, educate your audience with content that they find useful, funny or relevant. Try Vlogging, product ‘life-hacks’, product demos.

You’re not posting regularly enough

Some content you put out there may be missed by your target audience, purely because they weren’t expecting it. If you post weekly, fortnightly or even monthly your audience will start expecting to see your videos and it will increase interaction and engagement. Try Product or Sector-specific Q&As, or social media videos (such as trailers or ‘Meet The Team’ 15-second videos that you roll out over a couple of months.)

You forget to Optimize your Videos for Mobile Devices

This one is especially for all those with a millennial target audience. A shed load of video is consumed on either mobiles or tablets. People won’t hang about waiting for your Videos to load.

You stop once the Videos are live

Measure it, measure it again, and measure it more. I can’t stress the importance of monitoring the video performance once it’s live. There’s loads of clever analytical software that can help you begin to quantify what works best for your business, and what isn’t so effective. Then start refining your Video strategy to get the very best value.

Your Video focuses on too much

Attention spans are short – especially online. Try and focus on one core message that you want your audience to take away from the video. If you have multiple messages that you want to convey, split your content into Chapters, or a series..

Your video is too long

We all value our time. Videos that are too long won’t get clicked on never mind watched. As a general rule-of-thumb try and stick to around 60 – 90 seconds.

There isn’t a Call-To-Action

What do you want your audience to think, or do having watched the video? If you want them to sign up for something, tell them how. If you want them to fill in a job application, tell them how.

Your targeting everyone and anyone

Don’t embark on any marketing activity before clearly defining your target audience. Tailored, relevant content which will appeal to a specific set of people will generate better results than a generic sales message sent out to everyone.

You forget to make it easily shareable

Integrate social media! People are more likely to share posts that include video (The Verge found that 8 of the top 10 most shared Facebook posts contained a video) so try include social sharing buttons within the video to make it as easy as possible for your target audience to share.

You focus on going Viral

Going viral can do wonders for your brand, but if you invest a lot of money time and effort in something that doesn’t work it won’t do wonders for your business. There is no secret formula to going viral. It’s an organic process. Focus on being relevant.


Don’t get a Company Video done, just to have a Video done. Think relevancy, think targeted, think strategy.

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