Choosing a Video Production Company

Video content is on the agenda. Great! You’re about to embark on a fun, creative and profitable process. As with everything there’s a lot of choice out there. Some are good, some are bad and some are downright ugly. Avoiding expensive mistakes is always a focus for businesses so I’ve put together the following to consider when choosing a production company to work with.

  • Relationships – Work with a company that values your business. A good production company will heavily invest their time in you from concept creation to final delivery. It is a relationship and you may be working together for weeks, maybe even months – so pick a company that reflect your brand in the best possible light. As with any long-term relationship it’s important to provide mutual benefits from the off.
  • Meet them at their office! A structured meeting allows an external company to gage your business vision, values and culture first hand. Meeting at their office means you can review their infrastructure and ability to deliver your project on time and on budget.┬áIt also gives you the opportunity to assess if the production company is passionate about making your project the most successful it can be.
  • Price – Price reflects quality, end of story. We’ve all seen videos with shaky footage, badly recorded audio and in-your-face animations. If you’re investing in video make sure it reflects your brand and it’s something you would be proud of sharing. If your budget is tight, tell them! A good production company will be able to come up with different methods and concepts to suit varying budgets. For example do you really need that actor, or could one of your more confident employees be the face of the video? Do you need 5 different location shoots spread over a week, or could we be more savvy and accomplish it in 2 days?
  • Specialists – You’re hiring an external company to produce content because that’s what they do best. So make sure it is! You cook a mean Sunday roast but this doesn’t make you a professional chef. Similarly, owning and being able to operate a camera doesn’t make you a film director. Use a company that can advise and strategically manage the whole process. It’s not just about creating an idea and producing nice visuals. Make sure you allow budget spend for customer engagement data and analytics so you can effectively quantify your Return on Investment.

Video is an exciting medium which is yet to reach it’s full potential but it also can be daunting, especially if you’re not an expert. So ask questions and get involved! This is your project and a chance for you to get creative. You’ve established a fantastic brand, now is the time to use video and really show it off!