The Buying Process & Video Marketing

Marketing to an audience you don’t know much about won’t get you very far.

In reality, marketing won’t necessarily mean that you have any more control of what your prospect purchases, when they purchase, or how often they purchase. But if you understand their buying process, you can sway their preference at various stages of the cycle.

Getting a company to produce you great content is the easy part. Getting your target marketing to engage with that content is more difficult. Stop thinking like a business and start thinking as a customer. 

First up – a (very) basic look at your typical individual’s buying process.

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Preference
  4. Purchase
  5. Re-purchase


When a customer recognises they have a need or a problem and there is a realisation that your business can offer a solution.

Show empathy toward that customer. You need to let them know that you understand their problem.


Vlogs (Video Blogs) are a good start. Demonstrate that you are thought leaders in your industry, which in turn develops an un-conscious persuasion that you might actually know what you are talking about. In the metadata of your Vlog, make sure you include key terms and phrases that prospects will search for. It’s also a good idea to transcribe your video to increase the likelihood of your content being seen above your competitors.

Video boosts SEO. It’s all well and good that you offer the best solution, but if no-one can find you it’s a bit pointless really.

Promotional Brand Videos – Show some personality behind your company. Make it entertaining and one that will be remembered over your competitors. Think humour, emotion, and people-focused.


This is the stage when your prospect is comparing what you offer with what your competitor(s) offer.

Still not the time to shout about how good you are or how much better your product is. Instead, turn your focus towards features and benefits.


Case Study videos that demonstrate how your unique offering satisfies a common problem faced by a number of people.

FAQ videos that demonstrate great customer support, or ‘Meet-the-team’ videos to show off some personality behind the brand are really great ways to differentiate you from alternative offerings.


This is the stage at which a consumer sways toward a preferred business or brand. This ultimately leads to a purchase decision.

Remember, emotional reasoning out-weighs rational reasoning which is why emotional content and storytelling often has the best video marketing and video communications result.

Still not the stage when you shout about how good you are – but how about getting your existing customers to do this for you?


Product / Service testimonials from happy customers gives you 3rd party, neutral credibility and validation. They are hugely persuasive.

These could sit on your website, or you could arrange a group of confident, enthusiastic brand ambassadors to video themselves talking about you and your product that has helped them. You can then feed these in to your blog and on social media. Let the word-of-mouth do the talking for you.

Purchase & Re-purchase

The customer has arrived at this stage and is ready to buy from you. Now a whole new process begins, ensuring that they will make a future purchase with you, or recommend you to future customers.


This is where the importance of having a well-thought-out, on-going video strategy comes to light. Make sure you keep on with your Vlogs, your customer support videos, your product demos.

It’s also a pretty good idea to keep in touch with customers. You’ll probably have an email campaign that gets sent out on a monthly basis, so think about differentiating your email from the tens (maybe hundreds) of other emails by using video. You will see a huge increase in both open-rates and click-through-rates. Thank us later.

Take a step back, think like a customer and use video to create a stronger emotional tie with your business and brand.


How could Video Communications and Video Marketing add value to the purchasing experience of your customers? Get in touch and we’ll have a chat to get you thinking about video strategically. 

Or, if you’re ready to crack on, see our guide on how to write a video brief here!